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After an overwhelming reception from New Zealand audiences in 2015, Showtime Australia and Peter Freestone are bringing their huge theatrical Rock concert Queen: It’s a Kinda Magic back to NZ, appearing at the Horncastle Arena on Thursday 1st June.

Capturing the imagination of Queen fans both locally and internationally, Director Johnny Van Grinsven attributes the show’s continued success to the attention-to-detail; everything from the costumes, instruments and even the lighting cues have been designed to replicate those seen in real Queen concerts. Making Queen: It’s A Kinda Magic extraordinarily authentic is the involvement of Peter Freestone, Freddie Mercury’s best friend, biographer, assistant and constant companion for the final 12 years of his life. As Production Consultant, Freestone has schooled the cast and producers on the characters and nuances of the original band in order to perfect the performance.

“We’re extremely lucky to have Peter involved. He knows Freddie and the boys so well; his knowledge about who they are and how they moved and played and even their sense of humour has really helped take this show to the next level,” says Johnny Van Grinsven.

Another highly impressive member of the ensemble is principal musician Giles Taylor who steps on stage as Freddie Mercury, and does so as the only tribute performer in the world who sings and plays both piano and guitar live on stage. Though piano and vocals have been a mainstay in Taylor’s repertoire since his childhood, he taught himself guitar specifically for the role of Mercury.

Supporting Taylor for this mammoth stage production are Australians Richie Baker as Brian May on guitar and Kyle Thompson as Roger Taylor on drums, as well as South Africa’s Steven Dennett as John Deacon on bass.

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